This resource is part of our changes ‘on the tin’ series of practical guides for community engagement. Throughout you will see grey boxes – these contain questions to encourage you to think about your own work.

Reflective Practice takes you on a journey to explore your own development as a reflective practitioner working around community engagement.

Taking time to reflect can seem a luxury yet, if we ignore this side of our work, we can grow stale, uninspired and achieve less than we could. Taking time to consider what we do and how we do it can lead to increased self awareness, improved performance and energy.

We have developed this resource to encourage community engagement practitioners to:

  • take time to think about their work and what they have gained/learnt
  • think about their own role – what they bring and what difference their contribution makes
  • identify what could be improved and what support could be useful

It’s aimed at anyone who is involved in planning and delivering community engagement at any level and in any context. It can help you become more aware of the difference reflective practice can bring to you and your work, and how you can reflect on your community engagement practice

* if you would like to ask a question or find out more about us, give us a nudge: contact us



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