Giving it a go

How might reflective practice be of benefit to you?

To your work?

To your organisation?

You may have come up with various reasons:

  • to take stock; why and how you are doing it and whether you are achieving your aims
  • as a one way of evaluating your role – what you bring and the difference you make
  • to help identify gaps in knowledge, skills and confidence
  • to better plan future activities

Framework for reflective practice


From: Wilson W & Wilde P, Building Practitioner Strengths, CDF 2001

The left hand side is about the context you were working in and what you bring. To some extent, these determine – or at least set parameters for – what you can do

Examples of context might include: Funding Targets; organisational culture

Examples of what you bring might include: X years experience of working with a particular disadvantaged group; knowledge of the community; relationships/links

The central (blue) part is about you: about what you did, how you did and the roles you had. It is very literal

Examples of what you did might include: A mapping exercise; a meeting; door to door ; youth event; workshop

How you did it: In partnership with a local organisation; using the community empowerment dimensions to plan; strategically targeted people for the workshop

Roles: Consultant; facilitator; observer

The right hand side is about after the factwhat happened, what needs to happen next and the help you need to do it

Examples of what happened as a result of your work are: 60 people engaged with the process; the residents association now has a youth sub-group; people know what is going on

Examples of what you learned are: Take it slowly; get youth workers involved – and the school; there are lots of ways to do mapping

Examples of what you need to do differently: Spend some time with a local group to work out how to do the mapping; find out who is already working in the area and make contact at the start; have some shorter term outcomes

Examples of help needed are: Some learning about mapping – different approaches and how to use the results to maximum effect; contacts partners agencies working in the area; better planning

You can download a template of this framework HERE and try it yourself


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