Exploring reflective practice

Reflection comes in different forms

Reflection in action: allows practitioners to redesign what they are doing, whilst they are doing it and avoids the situation OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhere someone follows the programme or plan without taking account of what’s actually happening. It is useful to cultivate the skills and habit of reflecting on your feet – reflection in action as there’s little point in continuing with things that are clearly not working or are not achieving what is required.

Reflection on action: looking back to explore what happened, why, and how we might do things differently in the future. This is the focus of the workbook.

Reflection before action: planning before we act

Are you someone who reflects on ‘events’ afterwards or are you a ‘doer’ who likes to get on with things and not spend time looking back?

Reflection might not come easily; we may be slightly uneasy about it or worried that we might expose our ‘weaknesses’ if our reflections were to become public.

Why do you think some of us might not like to look back on past events?



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